Ceiling and Wall Linings

Surround your space with beautiful, premium products that last.

ForestOne has been innovating the ceiling and wall lining industry in Australia for decades, from creating the DesignerPly range to generating the FR+ Group 1 Panel system. Grooved or flat, primed or natural, ForestOne has the right option for your next project with a focus on sustainable sourcing.

Ceiling and Wall Linings Swatches
Sheet Sizes
Ceiling and Wall Linings Swatches
  1. Primelok Shadowood Smooth Quick View
    Primelok Shadowood Smooth
  2. Primelok Federation Smooth Quick View
    Primelok Federation Smooth
  3. Primelok Federation Ruff-Sawn Quick View
    Primelok Federation Ruff-Sawn
  4. Primelok Smooth Quick View
    Primelok Smooth
  5. Classic Shingles Plus Smooth Quick View
    Classic Shingles Plus Smooth
  6. Classic Smooth Quick View
    Classic Smooth
  7. Classic Rough Sawn Quick View
    Classic Rough Sawn
  8. U-Groove Texture Pre-Primed Quick View
    U-Groove Texture Pre-Primed
  9. V-Groove Texture Pre-Primed Quick View
    V-Groove Texture Pre-Primed
  10. U-Groove Texture Natural Quick View
    U-Groove Texture Natural
  11. V-Groove Texture Natural Quick View
    V-Groove Texture Natural
  12. U-Groove Classic Pre-Primed Quick View
    U-Groove Classic Pre-Primed

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