Compact Laminate

Create impactful and hard wearing spaces with compact laminate panels.

Compact Laminate is a highly durable, moisture resistant, low maintenance decorative panel. Our range includes two offerings that are quite different from each other yet both boast durability and being easy to keep clean and hygienic.

The EGGER Compact Laminates are as tough as they are beautiful and are ideal as work surfaces, partitions, and wall cladding. The WallART range is ideal for easy wall lining that is simple to put up but can take a beating.

Compact Laminate Swatches
Sheet Sizes
Compact Laminate Samples
  1. Premium White W1000 ST9  Quick View
    Premium White W1000 ST9
  2. Snow White Gloss Quick View
    Snow White Gloss
  3. Designer White Tile Quick View
    Designer White Tile
  4. White Marble Gloss Quick View
    White Marble Gloss
  5. Carrara Ice Gloss Quick View
    Carrara Ice Gloss
  6. Silver Haze Tile Quick View
    Silver Haze Tile
  7. Concrete Matt Quick View
    Concrete Matt
  8. White Carrara Marble F204 ST9 Quick View
    White Carrara Marble F204 ST9
  9. Pumice Matt Quick View
    Pumice Matt
  10. White Grey U775 ST9 Quick View
    White Grey U775 ST9
  11. Iron Age Gloss Quick View
    Iron Age Gloss
  12. Slate Matt Quick View
    Slate Matt

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