Strength and durability meet inspiring design with hard-wearing laminate.

Laminates have long been used as a more economical option to mimic stone, concrete, and solid surface benchtops. Now, increased technology has created new surfaces and finishes in laminate that both match and exceed what is possible with more traditional options.

Laminate Swatches
Sheet Sizes
Laminate Swatches
  1. Premium White W1000 ST9  Quick View
    Premium White W1000 ST9
  2. Premium White W1000 PT  Quick View
    Premium White W1000 PT
  3. Premium White W1000 PSG/HG Quick View
    Premium White W1000 PSG/HG
  4. Alpine White W1100 PT Quick View
    Alpine White W1100 PT
  5. Glacier White Ultra Matt Quick View
    Glacier White Ultra Matt
  6. White 002 Gloss Quick View
    White 002 Gloss
  7. Glacier White Texture Quick View
    Glacier White Texture
  8. White 002 Texture Quick View
    White 002 Texture
  9. Cream White W911 ST15  Quick View
    Cream White W911 ST15
  10. Glacier White Gloss Quick View
    Glacier White Gloss
  11. White Gladstone Oak H3335 ST28 Quick View
    White Gladstone Oak H3335 ST28
  12. White Liner Texture Quick View
    White Liner Texture

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