The Natural Beauty of Timber

The DesignerVeneer range from reconstituted timber veneers offers a decorative veneer board using timber in its most economical and environmentally sustainable form. All DesignerVeneer veneers are reconstructed from a range of timber species sourced from responsibly managed forests and are FSC® certified.

Quick Overview

Material: Veneer Board
Thickness: 19mm
Sizes: 3000 x 1200mm
Colours: 13
Application: Doors
Other vertical surfaces
Fire rating: FR+ Available as Group 1 (lead times apply)
Brochure: DesignerVeneer Flyer PDF


Ideal for use as doors, partitions and other vertical surfaces, the DesignerVeneer range is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.


DesignerVeneer is available with a prefinished surface reducing onsite installation time, or with a natural timber surface for your preferred finishing product.


Matching edging is available for all colours in rolls of 50LM x 22mm unglued unfinished raw veneer or ABS Prefinished Edging in Crossband and Longband for grain continuity.

Backing Options

DesignerVeneer can be backed with a variety of products, dependant on your needs and preferences. Good two sides, BAMO, White, and Black are all available. Ask your ForestOne rep for advice if you would like direction on what is best for your project.

ForestOne DesignerVeneer veneer

UV Details and Appearance Continuity

DesignerVeneer is manufactured using superior dyes that are resistant to UV rays. Just as natural timber veneers will tend to change colour in the presence of light, DesignerVeneer may also be affected. This is part of a natural process and not a defect in the veneers. A UV coating is recommended to help minimise colour changes over time.

Like other dyed products such as fabric it is possible that DesignerVeneer colours may vary slightly from batch to batch between 5-10%. To ensure the best results, all veneer for a project should be ordered at the same time and the same coating and processing systems used, if required.

E-Zero (E0)

DesignerVeneer uses an E0 MDF substrate. E0 is a low formaldehyde emitting product which has a formaldehyde emission of less than 0.5mg/L, which is lower than the current Australian standard LPM board.

Additional Options

This range of veneers can be pressed onto a variety of substrates, with ranging sizes and thicknesses. Speak to your rep to find out more information.


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