Quick Overview

Material: MR MDF, Plywood & Hardboard
Thickness: 9mm
Sizes: Various – see below
Colours: Ready to paint
Application: Wall and ceilings (internal)
BCA Group: 3
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Stylish solutions for walls and ceilings

Enhancing both contemporary and traditional décor, easycraft enables individual styling for every room, with superb design applications for walls and ceilings from bedroom to kitchen, living to lounge.

Clean crisp lines, hardwearing qualities and so easy to install. Select your easycraft products and start today.

ForestOne - EasyCraft bedroom inspiration
ForestOne - EasyCraft dining room - House Rules

Proud Supplier of House Rules on Channel 7

ForestOne and Easycraft are very proud supplier of the show House Rules on Channel 7.

The teams have done an amazing job in creating a beautiful home for Fiona and Nicole in Victoria. They used EasyCraft’s EasyVJ throughout the living areas and hallway, with EasyDado rails to suit – a perfect combination for the ‘contemporary country’ design.

You can watch the episodes (Season 5, episodes 3-4) and find out more on the House Rules website

Walls and Ceilings Made Easy


ForestOne - EasyCraft - easyvjeasyvj

Easyvj is our most popular wall and ceiling feature panel being used in both traditional and newly built homes. It will give living spaces a truly unique and contemporary feel. Can be used vertically, horizontally or diagonally as a feature wall, at dado rail height and even on ceilings.

ForestOne - EasyCraft - easyregencyeasyregency

Easyregency looks fantastic in the traditional home or as a feature in a contemporary home. This design will enhance any hallway, bedroom or dining room wall as a dado height or full length wall.

ForestOne - EasyCraft - easyascoteasyascot

The classic easyascot is perfect for that special room, adding an elegant touch. Combined with an easydado rail and easyline, the look is luxury all the way. Comes pre-primed with industrial grade undercoat for easy final coat application.

ForestOne - EasyCraft - easydadoeasydado

easydado is designed to provide the perfect finish to 900mm dado wall height installations, whether using easyvj, easyregency or easyascot. Or they can be used as a decorative trim on full wall sheets. Available in flat or rebate profiles to suit your project. Watch an installation video here.

ForestOne - EasyCraft - easybeadedeasybeaded

easybeaded matches many older style wall coverings, delivering a softer option to the easyregency and easyVJ grooves with its narrow profile. Available in 150mm wide profile, this profile is ideal for classically designed spaces.

ForestOne - EasyCraft - easypaneleasypanel

The ideal product where you want the look of plasterboard but the strength of a timber wall panel. It is strong, impact resistant and easy to install with the easyjoin system. These internal wall panels are perfect for high traffic areas in both residential and commercial applications. They come preprimed and ready to paint saving you time and money.

ForestOne - EasyCraft - easyveneereasyveneer

Easyveneer will save you time and money when wanting to create feature timber walls or ceilings. No knots or the inconsistent quality of timber boards. This is the latest in modern veneers and is available in a smooth finish or VJ profile.

ForestOne - EasyCraft - easygrooveeasygroove

Easygroove presents as a modern, open profile and is available in 3 optional centre width spacings. The panels not only look great but provide the tough surface finish of MDF and incorporate the hidden tongue and groove joining system.

ForestOne - EasyCraft - easylineeasyline

The easyline design reflects the classic look of shiplap timber cladding and comes in a 1200mm panel width, eliminating those annoying joints throughout. The panels include the easy to use Tongue and Groove joining system allowing a quick and easy installation process.

ForestOne - EasyCraft - expressionexpressionseries

The expression series range of decorative panelling delivers the latest in contemporary styling, utilising a large range of material options. You may want to paint finish to suit your overall room colour pallet or choose from one the latest in warm timber veneers.

ForestOne - EasyCraft - expression blackexpressionseries black

The customisation of the expression series gone to the dark side! Available in 5 unique groove designs, the Black Series combines the warmth of a classic timber veneer with a bold striking black profile design. View the full range here.

ForestOne - EasyCraft - expression blackFRproducts

Ideal for applications where reduced fire reaction, flame spread and smoke development are critical. The Group number assessment is in accordance with AS 5637.1-2015. Offered in multiple profiles and spacing options, view the full range here.

Easy to install

Either do it yourself or rest easy that just one tradesman can install your easycraft wall or ceiling feature from start to finish, utilising the patented easyjoin system, ensuring a strong, professional finish.

Easy on the eye

In both contemporary and traditional design applications, easycraft looks superb, providing just enough profile to enhance any room.

Easy to finish

Easycraft MDF panels come fully pre-primed ready for the final coat application and you can use either water or oil based paint.

ForestOne - EasyCraft inspiration
ForestOne - EasyCraft bathroom

Australian owned and made

Using eco approved products sourced only from plantation timbers here in Australia.

Tough and impact resistant

Made from a (MR) moisture resistant (MDF) medium density fibre board, it’s ideal for those rooms that need to meet the day to day adventures of the whole family. Also great for garage and storage area walls, making hanging things easy.

New wall building or renovating applications

Easy to install over any old wall, or install and join off-stud when you are building a new wall.


ForestOne - EasyCraft - easygroove
Length (mm) Width (mm) Product Code
2400 1200 GO9MR24-150
3000 1200 GO9MR30-150
3600 1200 GO9MR36-150
4500 1200 GO9MR45-150
ForestOne - EasyCraft - easygroove
Length (mm) Width (mm) Product Code
2400 1200 GO9MR24-300
3000 1200 GO9MR30-300
3600 1200 GO9MR36-300
4500 1200 GO9MR45-300
ForestOne - EasyCraft - easygroove random
EG Random
Length (mm) Width (mm) Product Code
2400 1200 GO9MR24-RAN
3000 1200 GO9MR30-RAN
3600 1200 GO9MR36-RAN
4500 1200 GO9MR45-RAN


ForestOne - EasyCraft - easyascot
Length (mm) Width (mm) Product Code
900 (Dado Wall) 600 ASDP900
1200 (Window Panel) 600 ASWP1200
2700 (Full Wall) 600 ASFW2700
3000 (Full Wall) 600 ASFW3000


ForestOne - EasyCraft - easyvj
Length (mm) Width (mm) Product Code
900 1200 V09MR09
2400 1200 V09MR24
2700 1200 V09MR27
3000 1200 V09MR30
3600 1200 V09MR36
4500 1200 V09MR45
Length (mm) Width (mm) Product Code
2400 1200 VJ15OMR24
3000 1200 VJ150MR30
3600 1200 VJ150MR36
4500 1200 VJ150MR45


ForestOne - EasyCraft - easyregency
Length (mm) Width (mm) Product Code
900 1200 R09MR09
2400 1200 R09MR24
3000 1200 R09MR30
3600 1200 R09MR36
4500 1200 R09MR45


ForestOne - EasyCraft - easypanel
Length (mm) Width (mm) Product Code
2400 1200 EP0924
3000 1200 EP0930
3600 1200 EP0936
4500 1200 EP0945


ForestOne - EasyCraft - easyline
Length (mm) Width (mm) Product Code
2400 1200 EL0924
3000 1200 EL0930
3600 1200 EL0936
4500 1200 EL0945


ForestOne - EasyCraft - easydado
Length (mm) Width (mm) Product Code
3600 48 DR48X28R (REBATED)
3600 58 DR58X28F (FLAT)
Note: Manufactured from clear finger jointed pine and comes pre-primed


ForestOne - EasyCraft - easyveneer
Length (mm) Width (mm) Product Code
2400 1200 Hoop Ply –
2400 1200 Tas Oak –
2400 1200 Feature Blackbutt –
2400 1200 American Oak –
2400 1200 American Walnut –
Note: Manufactured from MDF MR base board with various veneer finishes

Semi Exterior

ForestOne - EasyCraft - easyclad
Semi Exterior vj
Length (mm) Width (mm) Product Code
2745 1200 XV0927
3660 1200 XV0936
Semi Exterior regency
Length (mm) Width (mm) Product Code
2745 1200 XR0927
3660 1200 XR0936
Note: Made from 9.5mm Hardboard. Pre-primed both sides to allow semi-exernal & high moisture internal applications.


Wet Area Application

Wet Area ForestOne easycrafteasycraft wet area ForestOne

Bring Easycraft into bathrooms, laundries, and more with the option for Wet Area Applications.